The Clinical Reasoning Method : Is It The Sound Choice Of Teaching Future Healthcare Personal?

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The Clinical Reasoning Method: Is it the Sound Choice in Teaching Future Healthcare Personal?
When was the last time you stop to think of the process on how your doctor concluded what your illness maybe? Most of us would not think much about the process and would just be happy to know that someone knows the answer. The process the doctor used to determine your illness was Clinical Reasoning (CR). CR is “defined as thinking through the various aspects of patient care to arrive at a reasonable decision regarding the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a clinical problem in a specific patient” (Hawkins, Elder & Paul, 2010). CR has been around for over three decades, with a look back at what has occurred there can be a better understand of what is currently being taught. In addition, looking at the realms of medical education and psychological education may offer a viewpoint of how different, yet similar techniques like Gagne’s intellectual skills, are compared to CR. Finally, past and current research will show the different tools and techniques currently being utilized and as to what exactly the skills needed are, and how to assess the process someone undergoes when using CR.
Historical Reference of Clinical Reasoning
CR started in the 1970; it all began with two research groups that wanted to “understand clinical problem solving” (Norman, 2005) and how clinicians and students came to the conclusion or “clinical diagnosis”. It was thought that there might be some general

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