The Cloud : Going Beyond The Contractarian Paradigm

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Privacy in the Cloud: Going Beyond the Contractarian Paradigm
Masooda N. Bashir, Jay P. Kesan, Carol M Hayes and Robert Zielinski
1. Citation
Bashir, M, Hayes, C, Kesan, J & Zielinski, R 2011, “Privacy in the Cloud: Going Beyond the Contractarian Paradigm”, Proceedings of the 2011 Workshop on Governance of Technology, Information, and Policies, pp. 21-27, December 2011
2. Purpose of the Article
The purpose of the article is to provide a brief summary of cloud computing, a relatively new concept that has emerged with the increasing use of technology. In describing cloud computing, the article also informs the general public of its limited privacy and security levels, one of the main issues currently surrounding cloud computing. The article evaluates existing laws governing the privacy and security of the information and data of individuals, prompting readers to be more cautious in their use of the cloud.
3. Key Information
3.1 Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is defined by the article as the use of various softwares (such as hardware, storage and systems software) based in large global data centres rather than in local servers in personal computers. Cloud computing is believed to provide a range of benefits such as increased flexibility, reliability, portability and efficiency. It will simplify devices as well as reduce costs and the time taken to complete tasks.
However, at the same time, cloud computing gives rise to security, privacy and legal issues. Some of these

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