The Cloud Of Cloud And Mobile Essay

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Introduction In recent years two technologies have combined synergistically, the cloud and mobile. Organizations rely on the existence of powerful cloud-based syncing and storage technology to provide a compelling cross-platform user experience. The need to overinvest in infrastructure is eliminated as companies look for solutions that provide scalable, affordable and specific answers to frequent questions. With so much data flowing, the cloud is the only technology suitable for filtering, analyzing, storing, and accessing that information in useful ways. The challenge of a cloud based solution lies in the seemingly unverifiable security offered by the given provider. While the provider assures data protection and offers specific methods, verification of its effectiveness poses obstacles due to the nature of the cloud being a shared resource. Auditing procedures are hard to satisfy, as the provider will only allow the audit to go so far before citing a conflict of interest with other clients. Quietly companies are beginning to see how little control they have over data stored in the cloud. Data encryption is one method to exert some control. Today these measures are meant largely to protect data traveling between customer companies and cloud service providers. What is needed is a zero trust security model and homomorphic encryption is potentially the key to that future. Our paper considers the possibility of homomorphic encryption as a viable defense against the data
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