The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Introduction Cloud computing is a general term that describes a type of computing that provides services over internet. The roots of cloud computing starts from a concept formulated by J.McCarthy in the 1960, the utility computing or the idea that computing could be organised as a public utility such as water or gas. This concept with many others such as network-centric-architecture and grid-computing can be found under the umbrella of cloud computing (Marinescu, 2013). Nowadays cloud computing can be found in different services like emails, network storage (DropBox, Google Photos, iCloud, SkyDrive), document and file collaboration tools (Google Docs, Office 365) are entirely based on Cloud computing. Cloud computing history Even …show more content…

Fig.1 Cloud delivery models and responsibilities Infrastructure as a Service The cloud provider manages the physical part of the infrastructure: servers, networks, storage systems, Hypervisors (or Virtual Machine Monitor, VMM). The user is able to create Virtual Machines (VMs) and install an Operative System (OS) and applications of his choice. IaaS is considered one of the most flexible type of delivery model because it offers a good level of freedom, comparable to a local architecture, as the user has a free choice of what type of technology to use in every VM. The drawback is that the instances need to be configured and managed. Platform as a Service The PaaS model is particularly oriented towards developers, who need to run their applications without having the need to configure an entire network architecture of VMs and manage multiple application updates and upgrades. This delivery model allows developers to manage only their code and the data structures, everything else (runtime, OS, VMs, VMMs, networks,...) is then managed by the cloud provider. Software as a Service The SaaS model allows the user to use an application provided by the cloud provider, like a software application installed with the only difference that the application is delivered through internet. Many companies such as Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe are moving towards this concept that

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