The Code Of Ethical Code Violation Essay

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Ethical code violation is printed information that can assist people in an organization or a group to understand between what is wrong and what it right in which later they can use this documented information in making decisions. Having three levels of code of conduct, one of them focusing on how those who are professionals are suppose to approach issues or problems while the other two deals with employee and how business is supposed to be operating. In case of violation of these codes of ethics as an auditor you need in the first place to have all relevant documents relating to the violated codes and do the investigation as required by law then give your honest and factual information about the issue, and then hand it over to the relevant authorities. This can be done only because the violation of these codes exists in normal life. having in mind that this violation exists let us and as an auditor let us check, give response and see how some of the auditors who neglect important issues can be dwelt within the following situations (Whittington, 2014). 3-31
Ron Barber, CPA, is auditing the financial statements of DGF, Inc., a publicly held company. During the course of the audit, Barber discovered that DGF has been making illegal bribes to foreign government officials to obtain business, and he reported the matter to senior management and the board of directors of DGF.
a If management and the board of directors take

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