The Code Of Ethics For Nurses Essay

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Moral Values Integrated in the Code of Ethics for Nurses Ethical moral values are the fabric of human behavior. Nursing values influence nurses actions and goals. The nursing code of ethics was adopted in order to determine and define ethical values for nurses. Human dignity, privacy, justice, autonomy in decision making, commitment, loyalty, human relationship, compassion, fairness, responsibility, honesty and individual and professional competence are considered an integral part of the nursing profession. Nurses as members of the health system are responsible for patient’s care. Their knowledge of ethics allows them to conduct themselves appropriately. It is important that nursing professionals are able to give safe and ethical care in today’s changing world.
The word 'integrity ' comes from Latin word 'integer ', which means wholeness. This wholeness is described in the nursing profession as combination of beliefs, words and actions. In nursing, integrity is an important part of this profession, and the code of ethics emphasizes in them. Integrity is the nobility of practicing what one believe. The nursing code of ethics notes that nurses must have integrity, commitment, honesty, loyalty, and responsibility. Nurses must show commitment towards their patient as individuals, family, group or community. Both personal integrity and moral integrity require the agent to exercise consistency between values and behavior. What differentiates personal

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