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The Cold War Era
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The late 1940s to the mid 1980s the American society saw what could quite possibly be titled the biggest technological effect on society. This era, The Cold War, was a period in which fear of attack or invasion and a need to be superior reigned in the American society. It led to the development of space technology, during the Space Race, communication systems, and military technology in what has been appropriately deemed the Arms Race.

On October 4, 1957 [1] a huge change concerning technology in society occurred. On this date, the United Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR) launched Sputnik into outer space. The launch of Sputnik instilled a fear in the American society and an urgent call
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NASA was not engineering in a new field; the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and other government organizations had been working on the idea of space flight. These organizations were subsequently pulled into NASA upon its creation. [3] The main focus became developing technology that was steady enough and strong enough to support human life in space.

The act of simply launching a rocket into space had been achieved over ten years before when Nazi Germany launched its first successful V-2 rocket in October 1942. The V-2 (Vengeance Weapon 2) rocket was built to shoot warheads at targets from a long range. [4]

With the disastrous ability of the V-2 in mind, when Sputnik was launched, the fear of ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) became a very prevalent part of American society. Families built bomb shelters in their backyards and stocked them with non-perishable goods to help them sustain life if they were ever attacked. Students and employees practiced air raid drills by crawling under desks and tables. An imminent fear of attack hung heavily in the air causing such historical events as the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The entire era of the Cold War was spurred by a fear of the technology that the opposing country (either Russia or America) possessed; thus, the obvious effect of technology on the society of the times.

The Cold War Era was not an era that revolved entirely around fear
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