The Color Purple vs. The Joy Luck Club Essay example

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The Color Purple is a biased, unbalanced view into the life of black women during the early to mid-nineteen hundreds. While it is obvious that a woman who in her own right is racist, chauvinist, and ignorant to the way that the world really works wrote the novel, it has been requested that the class write a paper on the story. Whilst this writer does not agree with this novel or anything that Alice Walker thinks or feels, obligingly this paper is been written. The Color Purple and the Joy Luck Club had many similarities, the most notably the presence of weak, ill bred, and quite frankly embarrassing male characters.

The most obvious example of one of these unfortunate male characters is of course Albert from …show more content…

So instead I tell my mother this: “I don’t really know. It’s something we started before we got married. And for some reason we never stopped.” (Tan 177)
It is clear from the tone of the discussion that the idea hurts Lena inside, especially since she makes less than Harold. Amy Tan wrote it this way so that the reader would pity Lean and see Harold as a money grubbing bastard.
Rich is the second example of a weak male character in The Joy Luck Club, and his main flaw is gross ignorance. His new live in girlfriend is Waverly. An entire section of the book is dedicated to the first meeting between Rich and Waverly’s mother and father. During the entire section, Rich makes one blunder after another. He brought a lovely bottle of red wine for dinner, not knowing that the Chinese do not stereotypically drink wine. He fumbled with the chopsticks, took huge portions and refused seconds, and regrettably added a hefty amount of soy sauce to all of the food. In possibly the biggest blunder of the night not only did he call “Lindo and Tin Jong by their first names but he butchered them calling them Linda and Tim. At the end of the night his ignorance came into play again;
I knew he had failed miserably in her eyes.
Rich obviously had a different opinion on how

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