The Community And A Private University

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College. It is interesting how such a simple word can enlist a multitude of different emotions. Nervousness, excitement, and fear are just some of the emotions people face when they think of college. The most challenging aspect of college starts at the beginning where one has to select a college which is the best suited for them, a process that is known to be daunting and stressful. One has to answer what seems like a thousand questions before they can even have a handful of candidates to select from. With so many options and questions it is easy to feel overwhelmed during the process, nevertheless every prospective student has to undergo the process if they are looking for a higher education. Selecting between a community and a private university is probably one of the most overlooked, yet vital parts of the process. Community colleges allow for people to be proactive with their finances while still gaining a notable education, whereas private colleges draw people in with their exclusivity and quality. Although private and community universities differ financially, socially, and academically, one can obtain the same or even greater level of education and student experience from a community college rather than a private. Imagine having a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning for just ten cents. Sadly, a cup of coffee today goes for about three dollars, almost three hundred times what it used to be fifty years ago and the same goes for college tuitions. Now a days
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