The Company : An International Fragrance Company Essay

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Wisson, in Chicago, is an international fragrance company. The company has undergone changes over the last few years, the biggest change being the reorganization, a decision made to cut costs within the company. Valerie Young works in a department responsible for bottle design, packaging, as well as the development of new fragrances for their brands. The department which used to consist of twenty-five, is now a group of ten, which is now a very close knit team. They have formed close bonds and work well as a cohesive unit. Valerie was hired for her expertise with financial and marketing skills. The remainder of the team was comprised of talented individuals; whose focus was the creative function of working with perfumers to create fragrances. To create new fragrances takes time to develop “the name, concept, design of the bottle and packaging, advertising, and last but not least, the fragrance has to be put together to create an innovate and uniquely new product.” (Hellreigel/Slocum, 563) The company worked with multiple fragrance companies testing three to four hundred samples to create one fragrance that would grace the cosmetic counters. Most samples are discarded at the “smell’ test, the sample must not only smell good, but must match the creative concept. Recently, the team has only been testing about one hundred sample and only from two perfumers. Lionel Waters, head of the department, would not permit being questioned pertaining to the fact that only two

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