The Company Implemented Sap, And Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) Program

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Background In 2012, the Company implemented SAP, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program. The Global Company has five separate lines of business that were all running on different accounting software solutions. The project included finance, sales and distribution, asset management, purchasing, and master data. The 2012 project was intended to move the Company onto the SAP platform, create efficiencies for the employees, and reduce costs for daily operations. Due to the project timeline, there were many areas where scope was decreased in order to meet the deadline. The decreased scope has left inefficiencies in vital operational areas where the Company, its employees, and its systems are not operating or being used as…show more content…
The systems updates would not be limited to SAP. The other systems involved are, the legacy transaction billing system, the legacy customer statement portal, and a new add-on system. The primary areas of SAP impact are master data (customer, material, pricing), sales and distribution (order and contract), and finance (revenue recognition). The impacted functional areas in the Company are sales, accounting, customer care, system operations, and engineering. Scope, Budget, Timeline and Resources The objective of the project is to deliver an improved solution within the current environment. To include enhanced functionality for the business including a robust revenue recognition module, enhanced contract features, and a well-developed interface process between Non-SAP systems and SAP. Delivering an enhanced and integrated process to improve accuracy and user experience between all systems. Allowing for the business to expand its business within a controlled and accurate process (Datta, 2009). The project will kick off with a discovery phase in which the scope, budget, timeline and resource needs will be outlined. Scope is the “blueprint” of the implementation plan and in order to have a successful implementation, the key is to know just how much to customize and just how much to keep within the workings of the core SAP functionality (Gargeya & Brady, 2005). The scope of

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