The Complex Process of Wound Healing Essay

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Wound healing is a complex process for the body. There are many factors that are involved in the process of wound healing. Surgical technologists need to be aware of how wounds are classified to show level of contamination, the healing process, complications that can delay healing to patients, and the implications.
According to J. Zinn (2012), “In 1964, the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council1 published its land- mark study on the use of ultraviolet lights in the OR, and the era of classifying wounds by the contamination present (or the potential for contamination) began.” The categories for wound healing were originally put into place by The American College for surgeons and then the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) …show more content…

135). It is often used for an infected or contaminated wound. Third intention or tertiary wound healing is a delayed primary closure. The wound has to high of a bacterial count or inflammation to be closed right away. Therefor more debridement and time allow for the bacteria and swelling to subside. Once the bacteria levels have dropped the wound will be closed and left to heal by primary intention (S. Zinn, n.d.). Another aspect of tertiary wound healing is when a skin graft is placed over the wound (Mulholland and Doherty, 2006, p. 135). Lastly, fourth intention healing is partial thickness wound healing. This is a typical burn or abrasion that is allowed to just heal and be left alone with no surgical intervention (S. Zinn, n.d.).
Wound healing takes place in stages. The earliest stage is the vascular response to a wound (Government, 2009). Next is the lag phase in which inflammation has set in. It is during this time period that the wound is most vulnerable to complications (Mulholland and Doherty, 2006, p.131). During this time neutrophils and macrophages rush to the site and begin to attack any foreign bodies (Government, 2009). Proliferation phase starts around postoperative day 2-3. This is when the fibroblasts begin to replace the fibrin rich matrix that was placed during the lag phase (Mulholland and Doherty, 2006, p.130). Epithelialization and

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