The Concept Of Employee Engagement Essay

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The concept of employee engagement Employee engagement as a concept has become increasingly important in the last decades. Research has shown that employee engagement has an impact on organisations ' productivity, as well as employees’ behaviour and performance at work (Saks, 2006; Harter et al., 2002). In other words, enhanced engagement creates a win-win situation for both the employees and the employers, leading, on one hand, to job satisfaction, better health and motivation for workers, and on the other, to retention of the best talents and global competitive advantage and success for organisations (CIPD, 2015; Shuck et al., 2011). HR professionals and consultants are facing an increased interest in the implementation of strategies, aiming at supporting and facilitating employee engagement (Lockwood, 2007). Great attention has been dedicated to what drives employee engagement and to the benefits of having an engaged workforce from which tools and models (e.g. the JD-R model) have been developed (REF). The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of employee engagement by reviewing the definitions available in the literature, and identifying the determinants and consequences of employee engagement. What is employee engagement and how to measure it? Many definitions exist around the concept of employee engagement and both researchers and practitioners agree on the fact that there is no unique definition of such concept (REF). The lack of ground theories may be
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