The Concept Of Family Life Cycle

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2a. Explain the concept of Family Life Cycle and its use in marketing. Choose one stage and give 4 products that might be marketed to them, and a TV show and a magazine that might be used as vehicles for the marketing effort. Be sure to justify your selections
“The family life cycle (FLC) is a series of stages determined by a combination of age, marital status, and the presence or absence of children” (Chapter 8, page 146, MKTG). FLC is used in marketing to narrow down target markets. Marketing managers choose their market by determining who has a need for their product and focus on that particular group. Marketing to the correct group of the FLC will save marketing budgets from promoting products to disinterested group that do not produce sales.
I prefer to watch reruns. I particularly enjoy the Nickelodeon channels. In the evening they have programming and call it NickMom. Their target market in my opinion is middle-age married with children. I feel this because they are reruns that Generation X’s would be more familiar with. However, some older Generation Y’s would fit into this marketing group as well. NickMom has a dedicated website in addition to the programming.
NickMom has regular commercials, but also ads promoting other Nickelodeon channels and shows. They also have videos of various things. They are always of comedic nature and are about the experiences of motherhood. They always make me laugh! The regular commercials are often times baby food…
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