Developmental Life Cycle Theory

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The family developmental and life cycle theory is the studying of families, which include stages that the family move through based on life experiences, that are usually predictable depending on the stage they are in (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2015). There are nine tasks that families must accomplish in order for the family to achieve well-being. In this discussion board post, I will be discussing task two, which is financing childbearing and child rearing. Having children, whether planned or not, produces additional expenses for a family that some may not be prepared for. While parents don’t immediately think about long term cost when raising a child, it is shown that raising a child in American from birth to age 17, is over $241,080, and this number is expected to increase every year Covert, 2013). It is estimated that over 15 million children are living in poverty in the United States. These families encounter an imbalance in their education, health care, and socioeconomic resources (Milteer, Ginsburg, & Mulligan, 2012). These low income families must focus on their daily survival and this creates an economic hardship. Milteer et al., (2012) shows that…show more content…
However, when you incorporate an illness with this disparity, the financial burden of this life circumstance can be overbearing. Borrero et al., (2015) also found that most families try to prepare for a pregnancy by getting their finances in order prior to conceiving. However, this family had no precognition that after they became pregnant, the father would be injured, therefore reducing their income. In conclusion, as their nurse, I was able to assess their family dynamics and conclude that by providing them with additional places to get assistance, this family was able to achieve an acceptable well-being until the father was rehabilitated and back on his feet
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