The Concept Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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The concept of living a healthy lifestyle not only can be referred to as living life free of illnesses and disease but it can also be interpreted as maintaining a stable well-being living life happy, full of positivity, and stress-free Throughout my eighteen years of age, I have learned different ways of how to take care of myself and my body. My mom has always been that type of mom who cares for her children and worries about their health. Ever since I was younger she always tried to show me the importance of having a well-balanced diet and avoid junk food or foods that did not give me proper nutrition. In every meal, she prepares for my family and myself she tries to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the dishes. Instead of drinking soda she always prepares fruit punch with real fruit and tries to not add too much sugar in order to make the drinks organic and healthy. In the textbook “Core Concepts of Health” Insel and Roth emphasize how there are six different dimensions of wellness that one must obtain in order to bring change and growth to an individual’s way of living. I describe my current state of health as stable because I have a great sense of spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellness. Insel and Roth describe intellectual wellness as learning through lifetime. During my teenage years, I made negative mistakes that changed me as a person and based on my experiences I learned from my mistakes which have shaped me into the strong person that I am today. I
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