The Concept Of Organisational Commitment Essay

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1: Introduction: The concept of Organisational commitment has received increased attention in the research literature recently as both managers and organisational analysts seek ways to keep the employees engaged and committed to their organisation. There is, in fact, no single definition of Organisation commitment. Typically, though, the emphasis is on three factors such as (1) total trust in and strong acceptance of the organisation’s objectives, and values, (2) a willingness and personal interest to exert considerable effort to attain the goals and values of the particular organisation, (3) a strong desire to remain as member of the organisation (porter et al., 1974). Thus Organisational commitment can be defined as the bond employee’s experiences within the organisation and towards organisation by establishing a relationship in psychological state. 2: Famous and remarkable definition of organisational commitment: Firstly, the relative strength of an employee’s identification with and participation in a particular organisation (Porter et al., 1974). Secondly, the psychological attachment and the degree to which the individual make subjective or personal characteristics of the organisation (O’ Reilly lll and Chatman., 1986). Thirdly, a psychological state that bonds the individual with the organisation (Allen and Meyer., 1990) 3: Organisational commitment’s conceptualization and measurement: In the organisational commitment’s literature, attitudinal and behavioural
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