The Conflict Between Islamic State And The European Christians

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One of the main problems among the people in the early history was civilians’ limited access to information about other nations. This lack of knowledge caused people to look blindly to their leaders as their only source of information. During the crusaders, the political conflict between the Islamic state and the European Christians caused the truth regarding Christians’ and Muslims’ identities to be distorted. Scholars had an overwhelming power of shaping people’s perception of the outside world, which helped spreading Muslims and Christian’s stereotypes. In Muslims on Christians, Usama ibn Munqidh described the European Christians, also known as the Franks, from his own perspective, which suggested that Christians are animals. He justified his opinion by telling his experiences with the franks. On the other side, European Christian scholars also criticized Muslims. In A History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea, William of Tyre described Muslims as the descendants of Satan, who spread their teachings using violence. William supported his perspective by providing some historical background of Muslims. Comparing the two sources can allow the reader to visualize the Muslim and Christian relationship during the crusaders also known as the “holy wars”. While reading the two sources, it is important to realize that the political conflict between Muslims and Christians influenced their opinions, but did this conflict make each source a reliable one for factual evidences? If these

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