The Conflict Of The Civil Republic Of Yugoslavia

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1. Introduction

Whilst both Palestine have distinct cases for statehood, there cases have also many similarities. Kosovo struggle for statehood has been going on since the collapse of Soviet Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992. Whilst the Palestinian campaign for statehood has endured since 1948. Examining both of their cases under the theories of statehood and recognition, neither country emerges with a conclusive case for statehood. However, Palestine has the objectively easier case. In order to assess each case for statehood, first one must analyse the different eligibility for statehood under the right to self-determination. Next, one must evaluate the cases for statehood in respect to the different theories of statehood. Following that, one should evaluate each entity’s case for recognition. Having completed the above process, it will become clear whether either state or both states have a strong case for statehood.

2. Self-Determination

For states to recognise an entity’s status as a state, they must place great importance on whether the entity has the right to self-determination. This right initially arose in the context of de-colonisation after World War II as a demand for a people’s equal rights to be independent and represented in front of the international community. The right to self-determination is the right to ‘freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development’. It has carried over in some manner,

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