The Consequences Of Drug And Alcohol Use

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The way that it makes them feel. What are some consequences of drug and alcohol use that you guys are seeing amongst peers, yourselves or anything like that?

Male Student: They get arrested. I don’t know, I haven’t seen anyone get arrested yet.

Female Student: They get arrested, when they are drinking, they do stupid things. They are not really thinking straight.

Female Interviewer: Can anyone tell me more about the stupid things they may see people doing when they are under the influence?

Male Student: They could overdose or if they are drinking they might drink and drive.

Female Interviewer: It sound a little bit like you guys are saying consequences that you may think of down the line, but are these also consequences that you are seeing people really have in the past or a personal experience with them?

Female Student: Personal.

Female Interviewer: So, you have seen friends or what not, have these consequences?

Female Student: Yeah, I have seen it happen.

Male Interviewer: How do your teachers talk to you about drugs? Obviously you see it in the school, how are teachers addressing that, do they talk about it, what happens if they see a kid smoking a joint or something? How does the school deal with it?

Female Student: I would say that they maybe they suspend the students or give them detention, something like that.

Female Student 2: Almost none of my teachers talk about any of it.

Female Student 3: The only thing that I have seen against drugs is

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