The Conservation Of Modern Zoos

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Abstract Modern zoos have an important role in the conservation of many species. Each of these species have their own requirements to be able to live a healthy life in captivity. In this husbandry manual, the focus will be on the gorilla species (Gorilla gorilla) emphasizing the subspecies Gorilla gorilla gorilla, known as western lowland gorilla. This animal is in the list of critically endangered species; therefore the conservation programs performed by the zoos are very important to keep this species among us. In order to keep the health and welfare of gorillas, a series of requirements should be followed. This includes, nutritional, reproductive, and housing requirements, which will be discussed throughout this assignment.

Introduction Throughout history, zoos have been developing an important role in the society by keeping captive animals for various purposes. Mason (2000) mention that in the 15th century Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt had a large palace menagerie, which housed a zoo. This was the first zoo recorded in history. Nevertheless, modern zoos just appeared during the 18th century in Europe (Jamieson, 1985). Jamieson (1985) claims that the aims of modern zoos are entertain the public as well as educate them about the animals, research for scientific purposes, and conservation of endangered species. This husbandry manual, will highlight the gorilla species, focusing on the subspecies Gorilla gorilla gorilla, and therefore, conservation, economic implication,
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