The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution of the United States holds the upmost law for our country. It is a very important document that keeps our government in control and regulates the rights of people. The first part of the Constitution breaks down the government into three branches. The Legislative branch, which is the branch that creates laws and ratifies them. Congress is also a part of the Legislative branch. There is also the Executive branch, which consists of the President and Vice President. The last branch of the government is the Judicial branch, which is where the state courts and Supreme Court comes into play. The rest of the Constitution deals with federalism, differentiating state governments and the federal government, and the procedures for how to ratify a state. The Constitution was amended twenty-seven times since it was first written, which means there are twenty-seven amendments located within the Constitution. The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights highlights citizens’ rights and protects their freedom, while also placing regulations on what the Government can intercede on. The rest of the amendments also apply to protecting the rights of the people, but they are more specific to causes. The Constitution is accepted by all who live within the United States. It is followed every day and it is the people’s job as citizens of this country to uphold the Constitution to the highest degree and follow the law. The Second Amendment of
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