The U. S. Constitution

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Mid-Term Exam

Topic #2. Explain the major points of contention in the writing of the U. S. Constitution.

The During the Philadelphia convention in 1787, debates broke out over representation in Congress, the new executive branch, and slavery(costly). After 4 months of this the constitution was written. While writing the constitution the major point of contention was the structure of the new legislative branch. The larger states wanted to go with the route of the Virginia plan so that representatives would be placed according to population. Smaller states wanted to go the route of the New jersey plan, in which all states would have equal representation in the legislature no matter the
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A country that stands by its beliefs, so as we know, to give us freedom of choice. The purpose of elections is to narrow the candidates down to a minimum in order to get closer in the election process. We get to vote for what we want but many times seems like it is not in our hands of who gets the final stand. We have common grounds when speaking of models of the majoritarian democracy and elections. Many times is why we can run into problems in the and chaos when voting for an electoral candidate. A majoritarian democracy, defined by, says that it is a “rule by a majority, especially the belief that those constituting a simple majority should make the rules for all members of a group, nation, etc.” (“Majoritarianism.”). This comes into relation with elections because everyone is voting in this system. Elections are taken by the citizens of the country which go into a pole. Then votes are broken down into groups and majority wins. And so, the majoritarian democracy exists and is something we live by. Along with the majoritarian democracy, there is also relationship in the models of pluralist democracy. Everything slightly revolves around one another; elections, majoritarian, and pluralist democracies. As said in Dr. Overton’s PowerPoint, “Majoritarianism is growing in the Congress due to the rise in party unity. Problem is: they hate each other!” (Overton). The pluralist democracy can be defined as the top of a pyramid
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