The Constitution Of The United States

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As a new, democratic country, the United States of America had many obstacles that they had to overcome. One of these obstacles was coming up with a framework for the new government to follow and abide to. The first written attempt was the Articles of Confederation, which failed because of some weaknesses that it possessed. Of these weaknesses included a weak central government, over powerful state governments, and no national court system, so instead of uniting the country, it just loosely kept them together. In order to write, or modify this into a better framework, the Continental Congress called for a convention of delegates to meet in May of 1787 in Philadelphia. After much arguing between the delegates (federalists and antifederalists), the Constitution of the United States was passed under the condition that the Bill of Rights would be adopted. The Bill of Rights, at the time, consisted of 10 amendments; of these 10 comes one of the most controversial ones, the Second Amendment, which is the right for individuals to bear arms. This amendment was, and will continue to be one of the most controversial issues from the time of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States up to the 21st century. As a nation, there is still a battle between people who want to put restrictions on this amendment and people who believe that it should be left alone. The book, A Well Regulated Militia by Saul Cornell, goes on to describe the controversies of the Second Amendment, as
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