The Context Of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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The Context of The Metamorphosis Directions: Use the links you have been provided (or conduct your own search) to answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. Be sure to find connections to what you already know about the story. Describe Kafka’s family life, especially his relationship with his father. How might this have impacted themes or motifs in The Metamorphosis? Franz Kafka had become the only son in a family of three daughters. By the time he was six years old he would lose two younger brothers, Georg and Heinrich, to death in infancy. As the eldest of his siblings, Franz assumed a role not unlike Gregor Samsa’s: taking upon himself the responsibilities of supporting the family. [Encyclopaedia Britannica points out Franz was closest to his younger sister, Ottla, and identified strongly with his maternal ancestors, but was not particularly close with his mother.] The Kafka family lived comfortably: his mother belonged to the upper German-Jewish bourgeoisie and his father, demanding and often characterized as tyrannical, was a Czech merchant among “the prestigious environment of German Prague.” These two vastly conflicting ideologies resulted in infighting between his parents (likely caused by his father) as Franz and his siblings grew up. It is said that Hermann Kafka was "domineering and business obsessed," and that he trivialized young Franz's literary aspirations; and Julie Löwy, while she didn’t share her spouse’s temperament, could neither
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