Essay The Contrast and Comparison of Crime in Our Society

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. . Crime has diverse effects on society in various ways, shapes or form. These criminal effects are impacted either on an individual basis or a continual basis in our everyday lives. These effects or outcomes, if you will, are prevalent on our streets we live on, the neighborhoods we are in, and even the states that we live in. The end result of crimes in our society has many different physical, financial, and emotional impacts. Among those influenced are the public, the victim, and the Police/Law Enforcement. Crime and criminal activity in general are viewed in many different ways. The opinion and outlook of crime differs in the view of the public, the victim, and for law enforcement. Overall, the public opposes …show more content…

It might even mean that an officer assigned in one part of the area will have to be reassigned to the particular problem area. The victims of crime will have a personal and hated viewpoint towards crime. The victims are significantly impacted by the crime since it actually happened to them and they have suffered the most physically, financially, and emotionally. Physical or monetary loss can either be replaced or forgotten, but the emotional stress and burden place upon the victim cannot be erased. Victims of crime will suffer in different ways. A victim may suffer a loss from money or possessions, but a severe pain would be an emotional loss. An emotional loss can cause you to possibly lose sleep, lose confidence, and lose your outlook on personal safety too. Victims of crime that have emotional effects might suffer by being scared that it will happen to them again. They will live in constant fear that they will be violated again done the road. This will then lead to them not feeling safe and secured in their own home or neighborhood anymore. The crime that they were victimized by will cause them to worry and eventually lose sleep over it. The victim of crime is impacted personally and deeper than society as a whole. Although the crime might have happened within a certain area of a city, the real anguish falls with the victim. The aspect of criminal activity is viewed much differently from the Law enforcement standpoint. Law

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