The Contributions Of Adolf Hitler

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What first comes to your mind when you hear about Adolf Hitler, do you think mean, evil, and controlling well that is all wrong. Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor in 1933 and from that point on he moved his way up until he eventually became the dictator of Germany. Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers’ party (Nazi party) in 1919. Hitler then became leader of that party and took that party with him when he became dictator. Hitler’s rise to power surprised some people and it didn’t go unnoticed. Britain and France heard about Hitler and his rise to power and they were a little intimidated by him. Hitler made sure he would become dictator because he would go to all important activities. Hitler’s leadership was significant because because he made people believe that he could make things better, he was an aggressive leader, and he contributed to the collapse of League of Nations. Hitler Made Things Better for Germany Hitler promised that he would make things better for Germany and he followed through. He made the German economy better in a time that Germany really needed it. Germany suffered from the Great Depression, when Hitler became chancellor his focus was aimed for improving the economy. He got Germany more land by taking over areas surrounding Germany. He made allies with a lot of people of power. He made a non-aggression pact with Russia which Hitler eventually broke. Hitler also made allies with Japan who were pretty powerful during that time. People

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