The Controversy Between Print And Electronic Books

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The controversy between print and electronic books has been going on since electronic print became easily accessible. People struggle everyday between this decision, some think in a way they are betraying themselves by choosing electronic because they have used print for so long. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion on which they prefer and should not be judged for choosing one over another. The older generations didn 't even have the option of choosing an electronic version of a book, so it can seem foreign to them at times. Why would they ever pick something that is so new and only accessible on an electronic device? What if the electronic device suddenly stopped working and you were out of a book? There are both positives and negatives to both sides of this controversy that will determine which side people will pick when deciding what they are going to read.


The printed book has been around for many years, but one of the farthest back in history involves parchment, wood, and skin. The original process of making these books was to have scribes begin by writing the stories on parchment paper. Once this was done they would move to tying it all together and holding it all in with a piece of wood on top and bottom. They would finish this off by wrapping the pieces of book and binding in skin, typically sheep, to give it a nice texture. This process is what started the revolution of printed books, but there are other processes that helped lead to

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