The Core Value Of Social Justice Essay

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Social Justice
Similarly, the core value of social justice is defined in the context of ethical principles as that of social workers challenging social injustices. In working with a client like Vivi, a moral dilemma would arise which would have the potential to affect society as a whole by depriving others of the peace, equality, and treatment deserved by all human beings. Also, as a federally mandated reporter, a workers professional ethics and an individual’s personal set of standards can become compromised, in that, not only is child abuse and domestic violence an enormous societal problem, but it is also against the law. Thereby, affecting the general public as a whole and as a social worker, being legally and ethically bound to report such findings. Again, as a social worker who has endured a lifecycle of abuse may find appropriate decision-making confusing about what is right and wrong, and what obligations, limitations, and or actions the social worker has to the client and themselves, in keeping such information private and confidential.
As a social worker, committed to social justice, one must understand the private and intricate “connection between an individual’s suffering and the social context from which it arises” Frederic G. Reamer, PhD., (2006); i.e. environmental forces that create, contribute to and address problems in everyday life. In knowing this, a social worker who works with clients can bring about a change in their behavior and actions, in…

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