The Core Values Of The Amish Society

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Is there truly that big of a difference between the Amish and the rest of the world? Amish society is mostly defined by the word Gelassenheit. Gelassenheit is a master cultural disposition, deeply bred into the Amish soul, that governs perceptions, emotions, behavior, and architecture. (Riddle 29) The Amish have their core values that they follow in their everyday lives but does the rest of the world not have strict guidelines that they follow in organizations and in the workplace. I know that when I worked at the fire station over the summer that I had to follow the core values that they use. The Amish base their lives off their four main values of obedience, simplicity, submission, and humility. (Riddle 31) Over the summer I had to be obedient to my bosses, submit myself to the rules and regulations of the law, and had to show humility to struggling patients. I had to practice three of the Amish’s values for a job and did not realize it until I started this assignment. This paper will show the parallels between what I have read and the experiences that I had during my time at the fire department.
This paragraph will show where the Amish acquired their values and show a little of their history. The Amish are a group of people that have splintered off from the Anabaptists. Anabaptists were a group of people that the monopoly of the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation that obeyed the teachings of Jesus Christ and practiced the right to become true
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