The Cost Of Attending College Analysis

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The Cost of Attending College
“I’m not going to college” my friend told me over the phone one day during a conversation we were having. I was somewhat surprised, but his decision did not catch me completely off guard. We had discussed the topic before and he mentioned his consideration to not attend college after he graduated from high school. He believed that even though he would probably enjoy going to college and learning new information, college was not the best option for him. He is smart; however, he was already working various jobs and projects while in high school, sometimes missing school to complete his responsibilities. He was making much more money during high school than most students his age. He applied and was accepted at various …show more content…

This can be seen in the significant rise in the number of people attending college. Fall-term enrollment rose from 7.4 million in 1970 to 12.7 million in 1999 and has been steadily increasing since (Wonacott 3). Today, many students, that might have otherwise never enrolled, are pressured into attending college by parents and other role models. Even the American government is pursuing the idea of everyone having a degree. “...federal policy, backed by billions of taxpayer dollars in loans and grants, has aggressively encouraged more and more students to try to obtain a college education.”(Murray 2). Secondary schools are pushing harder for their graduates to move on to higher education as well. According to Charles Murray, “ A survey of high school students found that more than 90% of them were encouraged by their high-school counselors to go to college” (Murray 1). This shows that more people are subscribing to the idea that everyone should go to college, and for good reason. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19 of the 20 highest paying jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher (Occupational). If someone wants to have a high-paying, professional career they must attend …show more content…

There are many factors that play into someone’s choice of attending college: interests, goals, prior education level, intelligence, financial situation, as well as many others. The higher the cost of attending college and obtaining a degree goes, the more pertinent this question becomes to society. The type of job a person is planning on obtaining after he completes his college education greatly impacts the value of his degree. Acquiring a well-paying job after leaving college is the only way for a college graduate to effectively pay off his student loans. Before someone can earn a degree and enter into the workforce, they must do well and complete all of their years in college. If a student goes through college for one year or two and then drops out and enters the workforce, he has wasted his time and

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