The Cost Of Obtaining A College Degree

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Imagine working hard for a college education in order to have a financially secured future only to find yourself unhappy and unsuccessful. Some students are always eager to go to the last stage of their educational program and attain the highest degree. However, these are always dreams for the students like having less financial abilities as the higher education needs some money for managing the academic expenses. Some people would insist that college is the only way to success in life, but earning a higher education could be an issue that has several disadvantages. Due to the seemingly exponential increase in the costs of obtaining a college degree, students are either being driven away entirely from earning a degree or taking out student loans which cripple their financial prospects well after graduation. A college education has negative consequences because of the high amount of debt accumulated, difficulty finding employment after graduation, and the lack of…show more content…
However, not all students realize the burden of paying back their student loans. Many graduates face spells of unemployment or underemployment before they find jobs that mates their qualifications. Theses spells might be long, especially for some college majors in the article "Tuition Increases Continue to Outpace Income Growth, Inflation Even As Enrollment Climbs Upward." community college raises tuitions mentions that the total amount of tuition will raise by 4.6 percent. This means that students will have more loans.
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