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The Cottonwood Tree My yard was full of all varieties of vegetation, but the most hated flora was the giant cottonwood tree that towered 100 feet away from the back of my house, and dandelions. The massive tree was lovely in my young eyes, but gave my mom the gift of extreme seasonal allergies. My father, being the type of husband that would bend over backwards for my mother, wanted to cut it down himself. He wanted to kill it. because that gosh darn tree hurt his beloved wife. With some negotiating my mom finally persuaded my dad to leave the job of cutting down the tree to the professionals. When the tree was finally fell it nearly spread across my whole yard width wise. The cottonwood became the common passage to cross my thorn ridden yard to get to the creek. On a warm summer day in the year 2009, not long after the tree fell, I enjoyed a seemingly normal day. As a nine year old I spent most of my days playing outside with my cousins, Sam and Nathan. Sam 's the same age as me, but I was taller even though I 'm a girl, whereas Nathan is four years younger and at the time of the incident he was only five. As we ran to the back of the house to reach the bridge passage to the creek, our smiles spread joy to the large dogs that followed beside us. We reached the trunk of the tree and looked across, it was long walk for our short legs. The dogs cross first, or else they will barrel us down with excitement. Following the dogs goes Sam, ladies first I guess. As he took his

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