The Creation Of Teddy Bears Built A Sense Of Self

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The Creation of Teddy Bears Built a Sense of Self in our Children
Children are the freshman in this world. They are discovering the world, and at the same time, themselves. In their early stages of exploration positive and negative experiences are gained, in which they approach different methods to manage their emotions and learn from them. In the reading, Transitional Objects as Objectifiers of the Self in Toddlers and Adolescents by Johanna K. Tabin, the author mentions that the bond created between toys and children helps them obtain power to transition from one frightful life situation to another. Likewise, Elena O. Smirnova, the writer of Character toys as psychological tools, explains that a child 's self-reflects on their persona by communicating with a toy; thus, these toys are called character toys. Both writers agreed that toys play a major role in the construction of children’s sense of self. Additionally, these authors also implied that there are special toys that children connect to. Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard and Theo Van Leeuwen argued, in Teddy Bear Stories, that children are mostly attracted to teddy bears because of its physicality and similar behavior. Thus, teddy bears are commonly children’s favorite toy of choice, which teddy bears become children’s transitional object and character toy. This paper will argue that teddy bears help children create a sense of self by allowing them to reflect about their inner thoughts, explore their…

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