The Creation Of The British Colonial Empire

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The creation of the British colonial empire was one of the great facts of history. For the Empire, Britain took a larger share than any other nation in developing the movement of people between continents; it also has changed the expansion of Whites, Blacks and Indians. By exporting outside its borders, together with its colonists, civilization, language, and institutions, it contributed mightily to the vast movement of Westernization of the world. Many historians debate on how the empire began. In general, they say it started in the early 12th century when the Normans moved into Ireland. The empire was huge and vast, which brought a lot of changes in many parts of the world. Today, many people of the world live the way they do because of the impact of the British Empire. An important aspect about the British is how the imperialism marked the international system in many countries. The First Empire was during 1583 to 1783 and the Second Empire was during 1783 to 1815. This research assignment will approach mainly on what occurred during the 19th century, identified as the Imperial Century. During this century, Britain dominated every field where there is human activity. Some of the reasons behind the establishment of the Empire were mostly economic reasons, national prestige and the release from national conditions.
Why did Britain want to build an Empire? Firstly, one of the main reasons is the resources found in the overseas colonies who offered cheap natural possessions.

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