The Current Makeup Of The Texas Dream Act

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The first policy alternative, the status quo, is to not repeal or change the current makeup of the Texas Dream Act. Texas awards around $9 million in grants and scholarships, which are paid from the appropriations made by the legislature every two years. This might seem like a large amount but that cost is merely a fraction of the net profit the states makes off of undocumented students paying tuition at universities across the state. By not changing the policy Texas would expect to attain $56.1 million in tuition revenue from the undocumented students attending universities in Texas. Besides the tuition revenue, Texas would expect to see another $65 billion from wages, salaries and business earning by undocumented immigrants. The extra …show more content…

On the other hand, US citizens from other states cannot pay in-state tuition rates, so that is unfair to them. A way to solve this issue perhaps would be to create a public policy to allow US students to pay the same tuition rate across the US. In total, alternative 1 scores 2.05 out of 3.0. The policy is of low cost to the state, brings in a large amount of revenue, and is relatively fair to the parties involved and affected.

The second policy alternative received the lowest overall score for many reasons. Its efficiency score is -0.5 although it does save the state $9 million every two years, but it cost the states more maintain this population because without college education a large portion of the students will find themselves incarcerated, with more health problems, and having more children earlier in their lives. This policy is a means to an end, however the end result puts the state in a worse situation than it currently is in. The cost benefit score is -0.35 because without the education the students are not able to acquire the necessary skills to attract big name employers such as Google, Accenture, and even Toyota who are presently looking for top talent. Also, the state would lose an estimated $56.1 Billion from the immigrant students and their parents, however that’s not the only thing on the line. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich argues that immigrants are part of the solution to

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