The Curriculum : Differentiated Curriculum Essay

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Differentiated Curriculum Classrooms today look very different than they did twenty years ago. Gone are the days of students sitting at their desks, copying notes as the teacher writes on the chalkboard. Children are entering kindergarten at varying levels of abilities and the gap between student aptitudes grows as children get older. Students with learning disabilities are mainstreamed into classrooms and, with the growing number of immigrant families, teachers are faced with students who do not speak English. In some instances, teachers may have the benefit of a Paraprofessional in the classroom to assist. But, often teachers are left to meet the needs of all of their students on their own. In the secondary schools, this could mean as many as one hundred and fifty students or more. My school is one of those schools. My school serves over 1,800 students in grades sixth through eighth. There are ninety-two teachers, a reading coach, an instructional resource specialist, a testing coordinator, an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) staffing specialist, two ESE support persons, one Paraprofessional and one media specialist. The administrative staff consists of two Deans, an Assistant Principal of Instruction, an Assistant Principal of Operations and a Principal. In addition, there are four guidance counselors. Of the 1,800 students 52% are White, 31% are Hispanic, 9% are African American and 8% are Asian. The percentage of students on free or reduced lunch is 28.6%. My
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