The Curriculum Starting From Early Education

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If I had to choose any of the six educational philosophies I would choose Essentialism. I believe that all individuals should be taught the same curriculum starting from early education in order to success in our society. According to (Gutek 2013), genuine education involves learning basic skills, that are needed to function effectively in civilized society. Human Nature Aspects According to (Kronfeldner, M 2014) essentialist hypothesizes, that there exists some characteristic unique to and shared by all members of Homo sapiens which explains why they are the way they are. All humans are inherited with the same basic characteristic that makes us all unique. (Willis J 2008), believes that there are some features common to all human beings—that is, independent of individual, cultural and historical factors—that are conducive to a good life and human flourishing. With that being said, there is a general agreement that all humans share the same basic human nature characteristics. Personal Reaction All humans have the basic desire to live a good, flourishing life which may pertains to health, money or love. I believe our human nature would do anything to pursue these common beliefs. Humans are eager to learn only if it meets their basic human nature needs. Furthermore, I believe our society shape our independent thinking; what we hope for in our future will shape our basic human nature. The School Purpose The purpose of schools is to educate every student regardless of

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