The Cyber Skills Of Iran Essay

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American officials have doubted the cyber skills of Iran even though Iran’s cyber focus as of lately has been notable. Iran chooses to use cyberespionage because it gives them the power to take jobs at the United States without causing a response from our military.
In November 2015 an accord was reached with Tehran to limit its ambitions to proliferate atomic weapons, four months after the agreement, American officials noted a surge in the use of sophisticated computer espionage by Iran (Sanger&Perloth, 2015). Iranian hackers targeted individual U.S State Department employees who focus specifically on Iran and The Middle East, hackers gain access to the employees’ email accounts and other social media accounts. They had no idea that that this had happened until Facebook notify the victims that state-sponsored hackers had gain access to their accounts. Iran’s cyber skills capabilities are not equal those of China or Russia, though hacking social media accounts of government works to gain access to their contacts in the administration had not seen before by either China or Russia (Sanger&Perloth, 2015). This action shows ingenuity way beyond Russia’s hacking to The State Department’s unclassified email system (Sanger&Perthloth, 2015).
American intelligence officials have warned senior officials that they are expecting Iran to start using cyberespionage more in the aftermath of the nuclear accord. (Sanger&Perloth, 2015) The director of National Intelligence James R.

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