The Danger Of Data On The Cloud

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The Danger of Data in the Cloud “The cloud” is a phrase which is heard often, but also frequently misunderstood. Nowadays, when you hear it, it is probably not referring to the puffy white things floating in the sky, but it is more likely referring to a new computer technology. Most people do realize it is a technical expression, but cannot actually define it. Essentially, it is huge data centers housing hundreds of servers which hold considerable amounts of data. There are a number of corporations delivering cloud services, and the major players include Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple, to name a few. They provide individuals, small businesses and major corporations the opportunity to save costs on technology by storing data on their servers, which must then be accessed through the internet. So, with the rapid growth of cloud computing, more and more information is being stored on the internet. While the cloud does have many benefits such as low technology costs, more accessibility and highly trained IT professionals monitoring security, the data stored in the cloud is still at risk due to imminent privacy and security breaches such as government snooping as well as hacker theft and manipulation. Here, it is important to give a brief overview of cloud computing. It is not only changing the way society as a whole computes, but it is also transforming the way businesses operate and store pertinent information. A good description of the relationship between
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