The Dangers Of Being Big

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Bryan Osorio CRC 100-l1 Professor Heinicke 10/12/2015 The Dangers of Being Big Beginning The topic I chose for the I-search paper is Obesity and the foods which cause it. The reason why I chose this topic Is because I wanted to learn more about the food which leads us to become obese, also the dangers of being over weight. Another why I chose this topic is because I think its interesting that our country isn’t doing much about this epidemic of obesity. Also I wanted to go more in depth about the food industry and what they are doing in order to sell less fattening food. Fast Food Restaurant, are they doing anything to make their product healthier for there costumers? Or are they doing anything? Is there something that can be done to solve this issue? all these questions are the reason why I chose this topic. What are the consequences when one does not live a healthy lifestyle? Background Knowledge I know a decent amount of knowledge of this topic. The reason being is because I can relate a lot about Obesity, Because I have been going through this throughout my whole life. Obesity occurs when one does not take care of one’s wellbeing which leads to excessive fat in one’s body. But Obesity can also be caused by other diseases like malfunction in our thyroids. My mom has that, that’s why I know about it. But Obesity can be resolved with exercise, diet pills, surgery, but that is not always the case. Also I know that Obesity can lead to sickness like Heart Disease, and

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