The Dangers Of Prison Gang And Gangs

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Prison Gang and Violence
Nishat Salma
Borough of Manhattan Community College


The most heinous crimes committed in the prisons are done by the hands of prison gangs. Gangs compete with other gangs to be the most dangerous of them all. There are many reasons why an inmate would join a prison gang. Some do it for the power although others do it for protection from rival gangs or people who don’t like them. CBC News reported that in the last 5 years the numbers of inmates who are affiliated with gangs has risen by 32%. Some people believe that prisons are the breeding grounds for gang initiation and joining. Adult gang members in prison range from ages 18 to 65 years old. Many prison gang members are brainwashed. They are used to being fed, clothed, and sheltered in prison that they are unable to walk a straight line once released. With little to no skills of surviving by themselves in the real world, gang members return to prison because that is what they are used to. It is common to find ex-con gang members panhandling on the streets or resorting to crimes such as robbery, burglary or theft. Gang members do what they know instead of trying to become better. My topic is about prison gang and violence. Why they join gangs, How they took over prison, How they affect other inmates, How to prevent it in the correctional facilities.

Why do prisoners join prison gang

Prison is not a place for the soft hearted people. People

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