The Dangers Of Self Esteem

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In today’s society, I believe that there are many possible hazards if we focus too much on heightening the self-esteem of children. One example is that children with very high self-esteem could have a lack of motivation in regards to academic assignments and exams. They may not feel the need to study or put in the work to try their best due to the fact that they have the mentality of “I’m so smart, so I don’t need to study.” Another example is that high self-esteem could lead children to losing respect towards authority. When children become too arrogant, they develop this “know-it-all” attitude. They feel that they are better than the authority figure and there is no reason to respect them. All in all, too much focus on heightening self-esteem can cause children to lack high goals and expectations and influence them to disrespect authority figures. Instead, we should focus on developing a secure self-esteem in which children feel comfortable and happy about themselves. We should teach children the idea that not everyone is perfect and that they should accept their flaws. When children realize that they are not perfect and can still make improvement, they can set goals for themselves and establish determination to get better.

4. When making an important hiring decision for a business, understanding Rotter’s concept of locus of control can be helpful when evaluating the candidate and what is his or her contribution to the team. A candidate with an external locus of control

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