The Dangers of Obedience to Authority: Writing and Reading Across the Cirriculum

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Obedience to Authority As a child growing up, everyone was told “respect your elders” or “listen and obey”. As children grow into teenagers, they start pushing the boundaries to see who they really need to obey. Throughout adulthood, though people have fewer and fewer authority figures as the years go by, everyone must obey someone. Though we all have someone to obey, when does the respectful obedience cross the line into dangerous territory? Obedience becomes dangerous when it becomes physically or mentally harmful to one’s self or society. Physical abuse to one’s self or another person is dangerous, period. What is even more frightening is when someone hurts themselves or others due to an authority figure’s direct influence on them. …show more content…

However, psychological warfare, such as the mind games that were used in the “Stanford Prison Experiment”, can leave some of the worst scars on a person due to post traumatic stress disorder as well as depression which can lead to suicide. Obedience to society is not often thought of when dealing with this particular topic. The power of a majority is usually far underestimated. Just as shown in the article “The Power of Situations” with the

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