The Dark Knight Essay

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“I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve,” (The Dark Knight). Was it a madman, a genius, or a nerd who deserves credit for this discomforting quote? It doesn’t really matter because really, it applies to all three. This rather cynical quote from Heath Ledgers portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight is representative of the view that society has on those who dare to think a little offbeat. Just as the citizens of Gotham City are driven to fear by the corrupt and frequently sadistic morality of the Joker, Societies’ too tend to fear unconventional ideas of scientists. The pioneers of the modern day, scientists, often introduce the world to new and confusing theories; however, such theories are often viewed as controversial at the time of their conception, because they threaten the existing interpretation of theories as basic as the laws of motion, to axioms as complex as good and evil.
Scientific advancements are, as any advancement, inherently ahead of their time, and those who herald such progress are often seen as immoral or even evil by their respective societies. These individuals have morals that do not conform to the ethics of society because their values are based on beliefs that are deemed wrong by the majority. This is to say that no one willingly does something that is immoral; rather one finds such controversial activity to be justified either by means of a contrasting belief, or an overwhelming desire that supersedes one’s morality. This motif is present

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