The Dark

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I used to be afraid of the dark, but now it is all around me and there is no escaping the velvet veiled shadows. But then I realized it cannot be avoided and all you can do is face it. I still remember my home. Like I was just there. It was my favorite place in the world. It was cozy and warm. I felt like I would be so safe there, in the arms of my dads and brother, nothing could hurt me. I used to be so naive it is unbelievable to me now. I have dreams of the innocence that was left in that house, but the dreams always end in terror. I see my dads being dragged away and my brother screaming while I had to hold him back from making a mistake he would regret. It was the hardest moment of my life, I was depressed and all I wanted was to die. …show more content…

I’m too afraid to go after what i want because I might get shut down for it. I’ll never forget the day my life changed, the day I loved my home life, to the day I knew I could never go back. I can remember that day like I just watched it happen in a movie. The principle coming into the classroom and telling me that I had to go home immediately, my grandparents car in the driveway, the government men in the living room, the tissues on the floor, the confusion in the air. The feeling I feel when they dragged me and my brother out of the house was the feeling of hopelessness. I wasn't even sad or disappointed, I was done. Some people say that you can never give up and it will all be okay but at the time I knew that this was the end, of simply everything that had ever mattered to me. “Raven what’s going on? Who are these people?” “I don’t know Karter just calm down and act normal. These are the people who took us. We can’t let them know that we know their plan.” “But I don’t know their plan, that’s why I need you to tell me what it is. Please if I don’t know what’s going on I can’t help you save our parents.” “Fine, basically they took our dad’s because they were working on the one thing that could take the government down for good. When they were compromised those men who we saw at the house took our dads and they brought them here. They are going to test them for a chemical in their bloodstream and if they have it they will be injected with a secret serum.

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