The Darkness - Original Writing

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The darkness was slowly devouring my body. All that surrounded me was an empty room and dead silence. I held on to my knees as tears rolled down my cheeks. I dug my nails into the palm of my hand, trying to control the unbearable pain in my chest. The images of her face appeared in my mind. Horns popped out of her head; a tail crawled out from behind her; and a wicked grin crept across her face. Her smile grew wider the moment her claws ripped off my wings and any chance of escaping the depths of hell. “I’m home,” I called out, while dragging my backpack into the house. I was met by a pair of crimson red eyes, glaring in my direction. Her piercing stare caused my body to freeze in fear. I couldn’t feel anything, but the beating of my heart. I heard nothing, but the sound of my heavy breathing. I swallowed. “What are you doing back so late?” She hissed, while looking down at the dirt around my shoes, “And why didn’t you take off your shoes?” “S-sorry,” I stammered, slowly backing away. I had to live in the devil 's house because there was a better learning environment. She lived in a rich neighborhood, full of wealthy families. The middle school there was much more vacant than my previous school. The teachers there were much more strict with assignments and tests. The average test scores of that school were much higher than my old school. The requirements were harder to meet. There were many clubs and after-school activities. Everything was just so different. I started to
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