The Day DSCO-294-2 was Born

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Dasco stared at the equipment and fiber-optic connections before him. Something simply wasn't linking, literally, as what lay on the desk was his prototype, his robot. This was his one and only aim, to bring existence to his, six-foot androgynous being before him. With man-made membrane casing covering around the anthropoid form before him, he was attempting to create a human-like automaton, but it was failing. He hoped everything was in the correct order. The eyes were linked to what was effectively, a file system hard drive, within which a Universal Serial Bus could be inserted from outside to retrieve stored data or insert new information or instructions. He ensured that the CPU Motherboard was indexed with the three laws of robotics. The laws were compulsory for every robot built. They brought a sense of relief to humanity, yet some were still concerned of robotic retaliation. The three laws state that:

However, there was nothing to show that his determinations were successful. There was not even a slight twitch of the hand or an impulse through its connections. To all intentions, it was lifeless.

He slowly stood up, looking at the prototype with a frown of frustration. “Perhaps I should stitch it up”, he thought. “If one cuts open a mortal body from its head to feet, it will surely die. Perhaps it is in that state. Maybe if it was to be stitched up, and be similar to an anthropoid from the outside, it would come to life.” However, it didn't need any actual

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