The Day Of A Bus

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It was September 20th of 2011 when I stepped aboard a bus heading to Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. It was rather dark in the bus as I sat there next to other young men looking just as nervous and scared as I was since none of us knew what our ordeal would be for the upcoming 2 months. I was thinking to myself “man what the hell am I even doing here?” and then without me even paying attention to where we were outside; the bus came to a halt. As soon as the bus stopped this man came aboard and said to all us “get the fuck out the bus right now!” and all of us got up as quickly as humanly possible and started exciting the bus double-time. As we were heading into the building at a rather spry pace, the man kept screaming and swearing at us making us even more nervous for none of us had a clue on what would really be happening in the upcoming months. “Line up against the wall recruits” is what a man started screaming over and over again as he walked out of this room at the corner of the hall. This man kept screaming and yelling things at us, but I barely got word of what he was actually saying since I was in another world. “What is going on?” and “am I going to get to talk to my parents at all?” were all common thoughts that kept going through my head as this was all happening. However I was soon brought back into the world of reality when he started saying things that I actually cared about. “Alright recruits you’ll have 10 minutes to call you folks to tell

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