The Day Of My Meditation Practice

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It is now the 8th day of my meditation practice. I can’t believe how far I have come since the first day. I was already addicted to the feeling and idea of meditation. I was surprised at how clear my mind was today before I began my mantra recitation. As always, I felt the tension in my body fade away as I got into my meditative practice. At the end of today’s session I felt really good!

I sat on my bed and got comfortable before beginning my meditative practice today. I started off with concentrating on my breathing before reciting my mantra. I felt my body relax. I was surprise at the feeling of ease and relation mediation was providing to me. I feel very good about this practice.

Today I decided to do something a little different. Instead of repeating my mantra in my head using my own voice, I decided to listen to an audio playing of the mantra. I sat on my bed and got comfortable before putting on my ear buds on and playing the mantra. It felt different listening to someone else’s voice, however I did enjoy it. I found myself more easily being able to concentrate on the mantra, without having to think about the words. I felt my body relax and I enjoyed the sensation that was running through my bones.

Once again, I choose to opt to listen to the audio playing of my mantra. I sat down and concentrated on my breathing before hitting play. I enjoyed listening to someone else’s voice, it was oddly very calming. At the end of my session, I felt very joyful. I hoped to

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